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Sonia Brown

Sonia Ivette Brown, a forensic photographer technically trained in the field of Crime Scene Investigation, brings a unique lens to the experience of visual storytelling. Employed with the Osceola County Sheriff's Department (with previous supervisory experience at Walt Disney World, Orlando studios), her meticulous eye for detail and refreshing perspective, aligns science and artistry to produce powerful, digital images and breathtaking cinematography in this enchanting, cross-generational tale of magic and discovery.

Cornisa Chavis
Production Assistant/
Health Care Technician

Cornisa Chavis, Production Assistant and Lead Health Care Technician, serves as the primary health resource for cast and crew. In the event of an emergency or accident, she is an identified first responder and is on call for any minor or major accident or injury on set. She oversees basic first aid supplies and equipment and is knowledgeable about specific health conditions and/or medications that may have an adverse impact on members of the cast. Her primary responsibilities include the identification of local hospitals and urgent care facilities in the vicinity of the theatrical performance, estimating the time it would take services to get to the production site. She comes to set equipped with all of the proper phone numbers for the fire department, police, and hospital to ensure efficient response time in getting the proper emergency care. She also coordinates with the production staff if an ambulance stand-by is needed or physician should be called to set.

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Richard P. Tenia, II
Student Intern

Richard P. Tenia II was born in New York City. He grew up throughout the east coast and more recently Maryland due to his mother’s military career. Richard is 16 years old and recently concluded his sophomore year at Hammond High School where he was recognized with a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Art.  His keen eye for details and natural artistic abilities are reflected in his sketch book drawings. 


Since a young age, Richard has explored various art forms (both visual and performance). He has studied Taekwondo for four years, achieving a 2nd Degree Black Belt from the World Champion Martial Arts Center. In addition, he has kept himself well-rounded by exploring violin lessons, African djembe drum lessons, Robotics, Cross Country track, and Sound/Music Design. As Richard transitions to his junior year of high school, he looks forward to learning how to create his own music and artwork covers.